Sunday Afternoon Project: Ruin my Desk

About a year before moving to Sydney, I was on the verge of buying a house in the UK. I was serious about it: I had learnt about mortgages, calculated my budget, and even smiled at an estate agent. I viewed 40 properties before I finally came to my senses, and realised that becoming a homeowner is probably the only boring way to put yourself in a lifetime of debt.

Here’s one thing I will never forget about the experience: out of those 40 houses, 39 had cripplingly, devastatingly, pathetically small windows. Why most people in the UK seem happy to ignore and perpetuate this obscene design flaw is a mystery to me.

English people.

English people (except me).
(Fear of Light, ©2007-2011 ~Cutteroz)

Anyway, I’m happy to say that my new room here in Sydney has two sets of huge 2x3m French windows – one East facing, one West facing – each one leading to a balcony. Aside from being awesome, this leaves me with just one solid wall, and therefore an excuse to fulfill a childhood dream1: I can have my desk jutting out into the middle of the room and facing a window.

Turns out this causes two first-world problems:

  • I live in perpetual terror of accidentally shoving my monitors off the edge of the my desk.
  • Every time I stretch my legs out, they get tangled in the chaos of cables that dangle down the back.

Fortunately, I have a rusty old wine-rack, a drill, some screws, a few pipe clamps and the ability to live with my own awful sense of aesthetics:


Doomed wine rack.


Ruined desk.




Still chaotic, but not in the way.

No one will ever know...

No one will ever know…


Trust me, this is better than it was.


Can’t complain.

1 It’s not really a childhood dream.

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