Sunday Afternoon Project: Ruin my Desk

About a year before moving to Sydney, I was on the verge of buying a house in the UK. I was serious about it: I had learnt about mortgages, calculated my budget, and even smiled at an estate agent. I viewed 40 properties before I finally came to my senses, and realised that becoming a homeowner is probably the only boring way to put yourself in a lifetime of debt.

Here’s one thing I will never forget about the experience: out of those 40 houses, 39 had cripplingly, devastatingly, pathetically small windows. Why most people in the UK seem happy to ignore and perpetuate this obscene design flaw is a mystery to me.

English people.

English people (except me).
(Fear of Light, ©2007-2011 ~Cutteroz)

Anyway, I’m happy to say that my new room here in Sydney has two sets of huge 2x3m French windows – one East facing, one West facing – each one leading to a balcony. Aside from being awesome, this leaves me with just one solid wall, and therefore an excuse to fulfill a childhood dream1: Continue reading “Sunday Afternoon Project: Ruin my Desk”